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Hello, world!

Thank you for stopping by. Here is some information about me:

I live and work in the wonderful country of Bulgaria (Bulgaria in Uncyclopedia). I started my career working for an amazing company called Telerik. If you haven’t heard about it go check it out. There I have spent most of my time pushing the limits of the WPF and Silverlight frameworks. I was primarily involved with the development of two major components – RadGridView and RadPivotGrid. I was also involved in building and maintaining the infrastructure for continuous integration that was used by the WPF and Silverlight teams.

I currently work for a company called New Venture Software that I have co-founded where we specialize in building custom experiences for various platforms (iOS, Windows Phone, ASP.NET, etc.) and devices (Desktop, phones, tablets, etc). One of our most promising in-house projects is Skillvey – a platform for collecting actionable feedback about your skills. Please, check it out.

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