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Response to Unsound documentary 2013/10/04

Just finished watching the trailer of Unsound – a documentary about the horrific state of the music industry. If you haven’t seen the trailer you can find it here.

I simply could not resist writing down how I feel about this topic. I write this from the perspective of a consumer, an enthusiast DJ, and all-around music lover.

While I do agree with some of the points that the presenters are making, I believe that the whole premise of the documentary is wrong. Music makers have to finally realize that the world is different now and they are the ones that have to adjust. People want to have instant access to the music that they love. I do not want to wait 2 week for a shipment so that I can enjoy some music. I want to be able to find and buy music as quickly as possible. I want to have options. I want to be able to choose the format and the quality of the music I purchase. I do not want to be forced to buy whole album if I only like one particular song. I believe that people want to buy music but the music industry is not offering the options that most people would like to have.

Mentioning Napster in 2013 is insanity. Napster was born 14 years ago… 14 years. I have a question for the people that have created and participated in this movie. Have you been living under a rock for the past 14 years? What did you do to help the consumer find and buy your music? Probably nothing.

We live in a global world now where many more bands and musicians are competing for attention. The ones that embrace new technologies, new ways of reaching out to customers, and understand that they are the ones that need to adjust will be the ones that survive. Look at Beatport and Juno Download. If it wasn’t for those sites I would be getting most of the music that I dj with illegally. Those sites help me find new artists and buy their music. They provide me with the options that I want. There are so many new ways to get support from your fans. Look at how many artists have been able to start working on new projects by using Pleadge Music. The digital age might have shut one door down but it has opened many more.

Gone are the days of the rock starts that can sell millions of records simply by showing on MTV. Guess what? I will be buying the new album of an unknown rock band that I have just found on SoundCloud.

I know that there are many issues with the current state of the digital age but the old days are not coming back.

What do you think?

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