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Unit Testing Games (Part 1) – Vectors and Transformations 2008/11/25

Test driven development and testing in general are mandatory techniques if you are serious about the code that you create. That is especially true in game development where almost every piece of code is very complex. In this first post about testing I will give you a little insight about testing vectors and transformations.

The code that I am going to provide is written for the XNA framework and the Visual Studio testing framework but the concepts that are described in this post can be applied to any game development and testing platforms. Read more…

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Best books about game development 2008/10/30

Since this is my first post I’ve decided to start off with a post that would help anyone that is just starting with game development and is looking for the right books that will get him going.

There are primarily two problems of finding good books about game development. First there are many of them our there. Probably not as many as in some other fields but still you should spend considerable time for research. The second problem is that game development tends to be a very complex and very extensive field and unfortunately not every author can present such complex material in a digestible form.

When I first started with game development I bought about 2 dozen books and as you might expect some of them were great while others proved to be a waste of money. In attempt to save someone some time and money I have listed several books that, in my opinion, are the best. Read more…

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