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Books I Recommend – Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code by Martin Fowler 2010/06/11



Yet another classic. This book is an extensive compilation of refactorings that range from providing meaningful names for variable to collapsing class hierarchies. Every pattern is introduced in three stages – Motivation, Mechanics, and Example. The Motivation section presents the problem that a refactoring is trying to solve. Then the Mechanics section explains how a refactoring should be conducted. When a refactoring is a combination of other refactorings the author provides references to those refactorings so that you can easily find them in the book. The last part provides a step-by-step example of how a refactoring can be applied to existing code.

The book is neatly organized and can be used a reference book for your everyday programming endeavors.

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Visual Studio Code Snippets for TestClass and TestMethod 2010/03/25

Tired of writing [TestMethod] and [TestClass] when creating tests? Well, I got tired and wrote two very simple Visual Studio snippets that can create test classes and test methods.

Just copy the two .snippet files into C:\<Program Files Folder>\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC#\Snippets\1033\Visual C# , restart Visual Studio and you are good to go.


Download snippets

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Mocking The File System to Improve Testability 2009/12/10

Recently I started writing a simple application that would help me organize my music files by automatically renaming them using their tags and moving them to their designated folders.

As expected the program will rely on the file system classes that the .Net Framework provides. Naturally, I wanted to cover the I/O logic with tests so that I am confident that when the software is used it will not do damage to my files and will behave according to my requirements. So I started writing tests…

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Books I Recommend – I. M. Wright’s Hard Code by Eric Brechner 2009/12/03

I.M. Wright's Hard Code 

I have been yearning to write about this book for a long time since it  had become an all-time favorite. You have got to love this book for its incredible depth, witty jokes, great style, and funky structure. Definitely a must-read for every developer.

Don’t get fooled by the name though – the author covers a lot of ground and the book could be helpful not only to developers but project/product managers, QAs, HR, even top-level management.

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Unit Testing Games (Part 1) – Vectors and Transformations 2008/11/25

Test driven development and testing in general are mandatory techniques if you are serious about the code that you create. That is especially true in game development where almost every piece of code is very complex. In this first post about testing I will give you a little insight about testing vectors and transformations.

The code that I am going to provide is written for the XNA framework and the Visual Studio testing framework but the concepts that are described in this post can be applied to any game development and testing platforms. Read more…

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