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Slide Changed Event When Using FlexSlider With Meta Slider 2014/11/03

I was very surprised that I could not find an article or Stackoverflow entry that demonstrates how one can detect when slides change when working with Meta Slider and FlexSlider. Now that I have figured it out I decided to share what I’ve learned. As you might expect the task is very trivial. We only need to do two things:

  1. User a WordPress filter provided by Meta Slider
  2. Add JavaScript functions that will handle the events


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Azure Mobile Services – Configuring The OWIN Pipeline 2014/08/30

At some point you might need to plug into or configure the OWIN pipeline that is used by Azure Mobile Service. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate 3 ways to achive this. Let’s get started.

The 3 ways that we are going to look at today are:

  1. StartupOwinAppBuilder.Initialize()
  2. Using a custom IOwinAppBuilder
  3. Using a IOwinAppBuilderExtension

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IIS Basic Authentication and Web Applications – Resolving Error 404 2013/12/05

I was trying to set up a very basic form of authentication on Internet Information Services the other day and I stumbled upon a problem that I could not resolve for quite some time. As usual, when you are stuck on something as basic as this, the solution is trivial.


THE TASK – Protect a site with the most basic form of authentication (Basic Authentication on IIS) where the user is presented with a form where he enters a predefined username and a password.

THE PROBLEM – As soon as I turned basic authentication on, I started getting “HTTP Error 404.15 – Not Found”.

THE REVELATION – It turned out that my web application was overriding the authentication method which ultimately resulted in the aforementioned error. Be careful with that especially if you are deploying a test app which was built using one of the Visual Studio templates that usually have authentication built in.

THE SOLUTION – Since I was dealing with a MVC application, I just commented the method ConfigureAuth in Sartup.cs and the problem was resolved.


Realizing what caused me so much trouble was embarrassing at best but I hope that this post can help some other lost soul.


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