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NT Conference – Impressions + Presentation Resources 2012/06/19

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Last month I gave out a presentation on Team Foundation Server at the NT Conference in Slovenia. It was my first time at the conference and it was amazing. Slovenia is a great place place to be and the city where the conference is held every year is no different. There are several neighboring towns that are also worth visiting.



On to the conference itself. Starting with the venue, which was a beautiful hotel called Grand hotel Bernardin, to the amazing presenters and topics,  NT is definitely the best conference that I have visited. There was a wealth of topics that targeted a wide range of people – managers, sys admins, devs, etc. As expected, a lot of emphasis was given to cloud services and upcoming Microsoft products like SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 11, and Windows Server 2012. I was really delighted to see so many friendly ninja developers that you can talk to.

My presentation was about using the Team Foundation Server API. We we took a closed look at 2 of the core subsystems of TFS and how we can interact with them.  Here is what we have learned:

  • How to connect to TFS
  • Interacting with the build server – list all available build definitions, queue builds, add new build definitions
  • Build definitions – how to edit build definition, cloning of build definitions
  • Interact with build queue – build build queue explorer similar to the one in Visual Studio
  • Interacting with Version Control – query history of items
  • Testing applications that use TFS API
  • Using reusable TFS components

Here are the slides of my presentation.

Here is the source code of the demos that I have presented.

I promised that I would also post the source code of an application that counts how many tests were added for a given period of time. I will keep my promise but I just need a bit more time to refactor the code. Stay tuned.